Have you ever received a really good email from a company that has caught your attention and lead to you going straight to their site? The chances are that you have. At the same time, you’ll also probably have received hundreds of others that have been quickly thrown into your trash folder and never even been read properly. At CodeThat, we specialize in the former kind – emails that get results!

There is a true skill to writing email marketing material, but our expert copywriters have it nailed down to a fine art. Using tried and tested marketing techniques – combined with a few of our own innovative secrets – we can guarantee that an email marketing campaign using us will produce significant results. We can even optimize your website design at the same time, to make sure that people following the links in the emails have the best chance of turning into conversions!

Our copywriters and marketing experts are always happy to chat with you about any email marketing plans that you might have. Contact us now to see how we can help you >

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