The whole world has gone social media crazy! Whether they are browsing Facebook, sending out Tweets or watching videos on YouTube, people interact with social media sites on a daily basis. This means that every business should come to the obvious conclusion that social media is a platform that they must engage with – something that CodeThat is an expert on.

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Most people think that social media only does what the name implies – provide a way for friends to socialize with each other digitally – but they couldn’t be more wrong. Social media is key to any online marketing strategy for a number of different reasons…

  • All social media platforms allow links to be created back to your site, which is a perfect way to increase your SEO efforts and directly attract more visitors
  • Sites like Facebook and Twitter provide a platform to advertise all new developments within a company to a targeted audience
  • Great YouTube videos could go viral, sparking a massive increase in your online presence and leading to much improved visitor numbers
  • All social media platforms allow people to interact with your business, giving you more chances to persuade them to use your services or buy your products
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